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Our climbing packages for Scout Groups are the perfect combination for an action and adventure experience.

If your scouts are working towards a specific badge then let us know so we can adapt your session to give you the most reward.

Group sizes 10 – 110 students.

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Scout Group Packages

Clip 'n Climb

1 hour Climb

10 – 50 Scouts

Scouts will receive a 15 minute safety brief and harness fitting followed by 1 hour of Clip ‘n Climb access. A great activity for developing student confidence and trying something new.

$17.50 per person
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Caving School Excursions

2 hour Climb & Cave

30 – 60 Scouts

Scouts will receive a 15 minute safety brief and harness fitting followed by 2 hours of Clip ‘n Climb access. Groups will rotate through the Caving system providing a great opportunity to develop teamwork and build resilience.

$24.50 per person
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benefits of your activate adventure


Our Clip ‘n Climb area is great for letting your scouts challenge themselves by their own choice. Our instructor team are always on hand to provide support and encouragement giving your pack the confidence to push themselves a little further.


At Activate by Hardrock your scouts are encouraged to develop a trust for the safety equipment they are provided with and attached to. As peers provide support to one another they are encouraged to trust each other.


Our artificial caving network is a great way for scouts to focus on their present circumstance and learn how to hone in on all of their senses in a unique environment.

Social Development

Climbing as a sport is fantastic at changing the narrative of how your pack collaborate. It is quite common that we see the quieter and more introverted scouts really standing out from the crowd when participating in climbing as a sport.


One of the best things about visiting our venue is that it is always awesome fun!

Buddy Scheme Badge

Activate by Hardrock is a great place for Joey Scout Mobs to arrange a visit with each other, share activities and have great fun. With a great offering of facilities, we have plenty of space for you, your Mob and your buddy Mob.

Adventure Challenge Badge

Broaden each Joey Scouts life by taking them on a new adventure to Activate by Hardrock. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and write stories on what aspects of the adventure they enjoyed the most! A trip to Activate by Hardrock is sure to be a rewarding experience for your young Joey mob.

Pack Activities

Activate by Hardrock offers a great venue to introduce your Pack into rock climbing. We provide a fun and safe environment that can teach your cubs the basic fundamentals of rock climbing.

This also a great transition activity for your cubs that will soon be linking to Scouts. Particularly for those wanting to be involved with rock climbing and whom want to achieve the scouts climbing proficiency badge.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing at our venue is a great activity for your Scouts, especially for those looking at being involved in rock climbing. Our booking system is very easy so should you wish for your scouts to organise a booking for your patrol activity, they can simply organise it for you.


Our artificial caving system is a great introduction for those looking to be interested in gaining their Caving Activity Badge, as it gives a great representation as to what a real caving system is, introduces them to common cave features and helps to develop their confidence moving around in confined spaces.

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