Get active and Stay active!
Our fitness programs are a great way to get back into the action. They offer you the opportunity to boost your physical performance whilst also keeping the environment fun and inclusive.

Make no mistake; because our fitness programs are more fun does not mean they are less intense!

Fitness programs are currently for adults only.

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Our Fitness Programs

Climbing HIIT Workout

Climb circuits

45 minutes of HIIT fitness training circuits integrated with our climbing equipment. Our climb circuits programs offers a high intensity workout that is fun, challenging and rewarding.



Join our fitness team for a boxercise workout that is sure to burn those calories, focus your energy and improve your concentration.



Mentally yoga is commonly associated with climbing due to its connectivity with natural environments and developing the senses. Physically yoga is commonly associated with climbing by working on flexibility and stretching. Yoga has the power to strengthen your body and calm your mind.

Speedwall climb


Maintain your exercise regularly by popping into our venue during our normal session times to keep up with your exercise schedule. Memberships allow you to attend as many sessions as you want every week whilst also helping to keep your costs down!

physical benefits of getting climb fit

Fitness Programs

Our colourful Caving Ladder is on a slight overhang, therefore, making your way to the top can take more endurance than you think. Want to get more out of it? Try and climb up and back down without touching the ground as many times as you can.


Climbing the Speedwall may be over in a few seconds but reducing your time can be addictive and very rewarding. Try repeating the Speedwall in moderate successions to increase your heart rate.


Astroball features 3 different challenge levels and has many overhangs, therefore, making your way to the top can take more effort than you think. Want to get more out of it? Try and complete it without using your feet on the holds in the purple sections.


The Caving Ladder is a great climb to challenge your upper body strength. Completing it is difficult on its own due to its slight overhang, making it even more challenging and exciting by reaching the top using 1 leg and 2 hands or even using only your hands.


The bright and cheerful Twister is a great workout for your legs. Due to its upside-down handholds, you will find yourself reaching up high and needing to push up strongly using your legs.


A climb with a side of a balancing act, Orbital, is not for the faint-hearted. The rotating holds mean that more often than not you are having to reach high and manoeuvre your body in various ways, often using one foot.


One of our hardest climbs, Triffid, often surprises many climbers as to how challenging it can be. Not only do you have to use your hands and feet but also your knees and forearms.  If you manage to get to the top, your forearms will certainly be sore tomorrow.

Lightning Crack

Lightning crack is one of a kind. Not only do you have to use your fingers and toes but you constantly have to pivot, push and pull. Wanting to challenge yourself even more? Try climbing only using the crack with your hands and black holds with your feet.

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