Our Clip ‘n Climb Arena

Our Clip ‘n Climb arena

at Activate by Hardrock we have many different climbing challenges for you and your family to conquer in our huge clip ‘n climb arena. Which one will you complete first?

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Speedwall climb

Race your mate or Race the clock. There ae many different routes up the Speedwall and we have a speed leaders board. The quickest climbers can get to the top in 3 – 5 seconds.

Type: Speed, Route choice Difficulty: Medium

Ladder climb
Caving Ladder

Rainbow colours and a slight overhand. This is a great climb for starting out on and building your confidence using the auto-belay devices.

Type: Confidence building, Climbing fundamentals Difficulty: Easy

Astroball climb

A towering climb with 3 different routes – easy, medium and hard. This is a great challenge to climb as a group helping and supporting each other to get to the top.

Type: Teamwork, Climbing Aretes/Overhangs Difficulty: Easy / Medium / Hard

Twister climb

Another towering climb that is both colourful and awesome to watch. Dom’t let it fool you it can be tricky to work your way to the top with its twisting overhands and sloper hand holds.

Type: Body/Hand positioning, Climbing Overhangs Difficulty: Medium / Hard

Dome chimney climb
Dome Chimney

This is one for the Ninja Warrior fans! Firm pressure applied through hands, feat and any other body part that helps will help you wedge your way up to the top.

Type: Body/Hand positioning, Cave Climbing Difficulty: Medium

Big cheese climb
Big Cheese

A fun confidence builder that is tactile and great for sensory learning. This is a fun and rewarding climb.

Type: Tactile climbing, Sensory Difficulty: Easy

Triffid climb

Our most challenging climb in the venue. This tricky beanstalk requires great climbing technique, grip strength and balance.

Type: Climbing technique, Grip Strength, Balance Difficulty: Very Hard

Amazing climb

A fun puzzle to climb this one will occasionally trick you into thinking there is an easy hold where there isn’t one. It encourages tactile climbing and provides plenty of positive holds.

Type: Tactile climbing, Sensory Difficulty: Easy

Dry ice climb
Dry Ice

Ice climbing is as cool as climbing can get! Use the wooden ice picks to move your way up the wall. Be sure to hold on tight as this one is a good workout for the arms.

Type: Arm strength, Ice Climbing Difficulty: Medium

Face to face climb
Face to Face

Race Face to Face or play a game of follow the leader. This climb is trickier than it looks and climbing facing your partner can be an amusing distraction.

Type: Tactile climbing, Cognitive Learning Difficulty: Medium

Treetrunk climb

A fun climb for your little monkeys. This climb feels just like climbing a giant tree with your arms and legs positioned similar to how a koala climbs.

Type: Tactile climbing, Tree climbing Difficulty: Easy

Lightning crack climb
Lightning Crack

A fun climb for those that are beginning to develop their climbing skills. A great way to learn the basics of crack climbing and the use of the layback technique.

Type: Crack climbing, Layback technique Difficulty: Medium

Zigzag climb

This climb is all about visualising the route and knowing that sometimes in order to go up you need to take a turn sideways first.

Type: Route finding, Traversing Difficulty: Easy / Medium

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A step from our unique challenges towards a more traditional indoor climbing wall this climb has plenty of choice of holds, features and different routes.

Type: Intro to indoor climbing, Climbing technique Difficulty: Medium / Hard

Steel works climb

Another climb for the Ninjas. This climb requires arm strength and clever foot placement to ensure you get to the top without exhausting a lot of energy.

Type: Foot positioning, Ninja Warrior training Difficulty: Medium / Hard


Our favourite one to teach first time climbers on! Hexed is easy to climb and the positive nature of the holds creates a really fun and confidence enhancing climb.

Type: Climb Confidence Difficulty: Easy

Red Square

Similar to Amazing this one will occasionally trick you into thinking there is an easy hold where there isn’t one. It encourages tactile climbing and provides plenty of positive holds.

Type: Climb Confidence, Tactile Climbing Difficulty: Easy


One of the most popular climbs in our clip ‘n climb arena due to its unique looks and challenge. Focus on each pole in front of you as you move higher out of your comfort zone.

Type: Climb Confidence, Balance Difficulty: Easy / Medium

Cloud 9

One of our trickier climbs due to the lack of positive, grippy hand holds. Cloud 9 can be a slippery climb to beat and requires good climbing technique and balance.

Type: Climbing technique, Balance Difficulty: Hard


This climb may look easy but don’t be deceived as when you reach for the next set of holds they will be sure to move to a different position.

Type: Adapting Position, Balance Difficulty: Medium / Hard


Skyscrapers bright lights can be easily seen from the other side of our clip ‘n climb arena. Its a straight climb to the top but make sure you focus on your hand grip and body position.

Type: Hand Grip, Body Position Difficulty: Easy / Medium

Dark Tower

It’s difficult to see the inside of the dark tower from the other climbs but once you are inside it is a visual wonder to look at. Spiral your way around the walls using the glowing climbing holds.

Type: Confidence, Route finding Difficulty: Easy / Medium


Climbing a bouncy castle can bring back fun memories! This climb requires good core body and arm strength to progress all the way to the top.

Type: Core Strength, Are Strength Difficulty: Medium / Hard

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Leap of Faith (Add in)

Choose either the boxing bag or the trapeze bar. Standing on the narrow platform preparing to take your leap can be confronting and only the bravest among us will take the leap!

Type: Confidence, Trust Difficulty: Medium / Hard

Leap of Faith
Vertical Drop Slide (Add on)

A test of nerves from when the Drop Slide starts hauling you up. Hold on tight and once you reach your chosen height prepare for the countdown to let go and zoom back down the slide.

Type: Confidence, Trust Difficulty: Easy / Medium / Hard