Gift Cards

Our Activate by Hardrock Gift Cards are a fantastic gift for your special someone. 

They can be purchased as either a physical credit card style card or as a digital gift voucher and are all valid for 3 years.  On our digital gift cards you can record a video message to make it even more meaningful!

Need some more convincing to send someone a Gift Card?

We have put together a list of our top 5 reasons to send someone you care about an Activate by Hardrock Gift Card. Once you have read our reasons below we are 99% sure that you will not need any further convincing.

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Our top reasons to send someone an Activate by Hardrock Gift Card

1. Birthday celebration

We have spent many months now sacrificing our favourite activities and we could all use something active and exciting to look forward to. Our gift cards can be as small as a single climbing session or you can even gift a whole party celebration that can be had at a later date when people are feeling more confident to go out.

2. Christmas celebration

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about those little stocking fillers. We can think of no better gift this year than something active and great fun – just in time for the summer school holidays.

3. Study celebration

School study has seen some serious disruption over the last 6 months and our students have all learnt to adapt and overcome each challenge they have faced. An Activate Gift card is a great way to show them that hard work has its rewards and also help to give them a break from all of that hard work!

4. Work reward

Everyone loves for their hard work to be recognised and there has never been a better time to reward our employees. It might be difficult to find the right Christmas party venue this year so why not reward them with an activity they can do with their families instead?

5. Because you care! 

In all honesty sometime we spend too much time looking for a reason to give someone a gift when there is absolutely nothing more special than receiving a gift for no reason other than the fact that someone wants to show you that they care.

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Frequently asked questions

How is my Gift card affected by the current Covid Restrictions

All gift cards that were purchased prior to the venue closures caused by Covid-19 will be extended by the amount of validity they missed out on when we reopen. E.g. If a Gift card was going to expire in May it will be extended by 2 months from the reopening date.

All gift cards purchased after the Covid-19 closures will also be extended by the amount of time they have missed out on due to the business closures once we are open again.

These changes will be made to your gift card automatically and you will not need to contact us.

How is my Free climb or 2 For 1 card affected by the current Covid Restrictions

Free climb cards and 2 for 1 cards are promotional vouchers and unfortunately these will not be extended when we reopen. Please see our promotional voucher T&C’s for more information.